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Don't do tourists in guilin

Date: 2014-01-23

2013 is the year of the rapid development of wanda hotels and resorts, the company will be opening nine proprietary brand hotel, seven hotel entrusted management;In 2014, the company will have 39 in domestic hotel entrusted management and 34 proprietary brand hotel;To 2015, the company's proprietary and hotel entrusted management will reach 100.Wanda group has announced that it would spend $700 million this year to build super five-star hotel in London, the next ten years, more would 8-10 gateway cities in the world to build wanda hotel.
Green Oriental first in xishuangbanna
SMW reporter XiaoYang on September 27, 2013, Oriental water plaza hotel officially opened in xishuangbanna, green green tree is the first hotel is located in xishuangbanna.Oriental hotel green is green tree at the end of 2011 launched four star boutique hotel brand, the design has the beauty of Oriental wang gas, unique style, advocating green, healthy, high quality life, most of the room price is in 300-600 yuan.
According to introducing, Oriental green water in xishuangbanna jinghong, xishuangbanna, plaza hotel is located in menghai road no. 2 west 12-12 city commercial plaza, surrounding the financial, catering, shopping, entertainment and so on a number of public service facilities.The hotel has 212 rooms, including deluxe standard room, deluxe landscape room, big bed room and so on many kinds, also equipped with conference room, gym, restaurant and free parking.Jinghong, the hotel is close to the great water square, dai calendar New Year every year, the famous water-sprinkling festival are splashed held a grand ceremony in the square, people here enjoy water.Behind the hotel less than 1 km to the fourth river is the famous Asian --, lancang river, the hotel open houses, all of them, and allows you to see the beauty of the lancang river appearance and feel the moist of the lancang river.
Hilton guangzhou tianhe heavens introduced Italian half a buffet lunch
SMW reporter XiaoYang Hilton guangzhou tianhe heavens meaning on restaurant (ILPONTE) launch the new type semi buffet lunch, guests can choose a specified main dishes and drinks, the rest of the salad, appetizers, soup, dessert, bread, all can enjoy the buffet.
The reporter understands, the hotel's Italian buffet lunch price at RMB 158 + 15% surcharge per person, supply time is from Monday to Friday, between 11:30 and passion.Chef team daily sincerity for the guest to prepare as many as seven new choice of main course, menu, a total of three series and rotation every week, including bacon queen creamy pasta, pizza, spicy seafood pasta, mushroom risotto, Fried salmon with wedges mustard sauce, etc.;Self-help section can choose organic vegetables and fruits, such as Roman lettuce, lettuce, olives, homemade house salad, but also in the cold dish selecting smoke smoked chicken breast meat, ham, or beer gut experience Italian food flavor;Soup mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, vegetable soup and so on a variety of flavors, vanilla surface are also interested in type black olive bread, Italian bread stick, such as many classic Italian crispy bread bread.
Italian restaurant on the Banks of the new Italian buffet lunch, suitable for family gathering with friends, can enjoy preferential buy 3 get 1;Buddy, the guest birthday with id card can enjoy free Italian half buffet lunch;65 year old friends, more than by id card can enjoy half price discount;Children under 12 can enjoy half price is favorable, under the age of 5 can free taste more.